How to withdraw money to the casino

With hundreds of available online casinos present on the market

Beciding which one to play at can be difficult. In order to achieve the best choice and fully enjoy the game, it is best to take into account all aspects of the relevant online casino in advance. Undoubtedly, a very important part of your gambling is the ability to withdraw winnings without commissions whenever you want.

Therefore, you need to consider in advance the available payment options that you can use to withdraw your winnings. When it comes to the output process, in most cases it is very simple and it can be done in a few minutes. Although it is true that every online casino has its own policy regarding withdrawals, the actual process of cashing out your winnings is almost the same. Let’s see what it takes to withdraw money from a casino account, and what payment solutions you can use for this.

How to withdraw winnings?

In general, requesting a withdrawal after your winnings is quite simple and easy. The actual process largely depends on the payment method and on the corresponding online casino. However, as already mentioned, there are several steps that are always included in the procedure, no matter which method you choose. The first thing you need to do is log in to your profile and find the “Checkout” section. You will be able to find it easily as you have already visited it when you deposited money for the first time.

There you will be able to find the available payment methods offered by a particular online casino, and other useful information is usually displayed, such as processing time and commission fees. Then you need to choose which option to use to withdraw your winnings. If you are wondering which of the payment methods is the best, in general it is recommended to stick to the payment method that you already trust and use. Thus, you will have the necessary peace of mind that your confidential information is in good hands.

Once you have selected a suitable payment method, the last step of this process is to fill in the relevant information, such as financial or personal data. It should be noted that it strictly depends on the payment solution you have chosen. Some methods do not require the input of any financial data, while others, on the contrary, request them. Also, keep in mind that each payment solution offers different minimum and maximum limits when it comes to withdrawing money. The same applies to the processing time, as it strictly depends on the policy of the payment service provider. As you can see, the whole process is quite simple and straightforward, and you should be able to withdraw money without problems.

The most popular ways to withdraw money

When it comes to withdrawing money from online casinos, the most popular payment methods largely coincide with the deposit options that are mainly used by Russian players. Among them are:

  • bank cards
  • Webmoney, Qiwi and Yandex
  • Money wallets Skrill and Neteller
  • bank transfer

While it is true that some payment solutions allow you to either withdraw money or make deposits, some online casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings only if you use the method with which you made your last deposit. For example, you cannot withdraw money using a credit or debit card, for example, Visa, if your last deposit was made using Qiwi, which is an electronic wallet. This security measure was introduced to prevent possible money laundering or other clever actions. The constantly updated rating of the best online casinos will become your guide in gambling.

Credit and debit cards

The most popular payment solution for withdrawing money are credit and debit cards. Since this payment method is one of the most common methods on a global scale, it is not surprising that it has been adapted by most online casinos. Almost every gambling establishment accepts this type of payment solution, which makes it extremely convenient for players. However, when it comes to how to withdraw money to a card from an online casino, not all types of cards are suitable for this request. It should be noted that some types, such as MasterCard, completely deprive you of this opportunity. It is for this reason that it is best to double check this aspect so that you know if you need to look for an alternative option.

When you decide to withdraw your winnings using a credit or debit card, you usually don’t have to pay any commission. It may take up to five business days to transfer funds from your casino account to your bank account. To arrange withdrawals, all you have to do is fill out the necessary information and request your winnings. Keep in mind that you will need to specify your card number, the name of the holder, the expiration date and the security code, which is why you should only play in fully regulated online casinos.


Neteller is an electronic wallet that you can use to request withdrawals at several online casinos. It is considered the leading payment solution, as it is used by hundreds of thousands of players. The reason it has gained popularity is because it offers various benefits. For example, your transactions are not only transmitted in a secure manner, but are also organized almost instantly. Thinking about how to withdraw money from the casino, it is worth carefully considering this option.

The average cashout processing time is up to four hours, which is one of the fastest ways to get your winnings. Not many other payment options offer you the opportunity to withdraw your winnings on the same day. In addition, whenever you request a withdrawal on Neteller, in most cases you will not be charged an additional fee.


Skrill is another popular e-wallet that you may have encountered before, but perhaps under its former name – Moneybookers. The best advantage that this payment method offers is that there is no need to provide any financial data. To arrange withdrawals, all you have to do is fill in your email address in the appropriate section.

In addition, opening a Skrill account is an extremely simple and secure process, which is another reason why many players choose this option. Whenever you want to withdraw your winnings using this payment solution, in most cases there is no commission fee. After you have requested the amount you want to withdraw, your funds will be transferred within 24 hours.

Bank transfer

Still thinking how to withdraw money to an online casino?Bank transfer is still one of the most popular payment methods when it comes to withdrawing money from an online casino. Despite the fact that this payment method is somehow known for its long processing time, keep in mind that all requested transactions are organized in the most secure way. If you choose this solution, your funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. In some cases, you need to cover some small fees during the process. If you don’t have an e-wallet or credit card, this method is a good alternative.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there a limit to withdrawals?

Yes, there is. Most online casinos set a daily withdrawal limit, which means that you are only allowed to withdraw a portion of your winnings. The exact amount you can receive depends on the gambling establishment and the payment method of your choice. Bank transfer is the payment method that offers the highest withdrawal limit, which is the reason it is often used by high rollers. Speaking of them, it should be noted that in most cases, large players have higher withdrawal limits because they invest more money.

How long does it take to withdraw money from a casino account?

Often people have a question – in which casino is it really possible to withdraw money, because sometimes the withdrawal time makes users worry. The processing time of the application depends on the payment method you choose, as well as on the corresponding online casino. Some payment methods, such as e-wallets, allow funds to be withdrawn within 24 hours, while the processing time for others, such as bank transfer, varies from two to ten banking days.

Are there any fees when withdrawing money?

Generally speaking, whether you need to pay for withdrawals depends on the payment method you use, and in some cases, on the online casino you choose. Some payment solutions charge a fee when players make withdrawal requests. Therefore, it is always recommended to check this aspect in advance to make sure that any additional fees will not apply. Most popular payment methods, such as Visa, Paysafecard, BankTransfer, Neteller, Skrill and others, process money without any additional fees. Is it possible to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals?