How to enter the casino

When you want to relax and play at an online casino

And access is blocked, you need to do something about it. After all, rest, without several spins on slots in your favorite online casino, is simply impossible for a gambling person.

Now we will briefly look at how different countries deal with access to online casinos. First of all, remember that gambling is completely prohibited in any Muslim country. 6 years ago, Turkey banned all types of casinos on its territory.
Egypt has also become Muslim, similarly blocked casinos in its own country. It would seem that not exactly Muslim countries like China and the USA, but they also prohibit access to casinos. In addition, the Chinese authorities have come up with a program that blocks not only casinos, but also sites related to the gambling industry. It is also not possible to play slots in Thailand and Singapore.

In turn, the example of Israel looks extremely revealing. In this country, for a very long time there was a ban on playing in online casinos, only sports betting was allowed. But in the end, the residents decided to circumvent these prohibitions and calmly played slots.
As a result, the local police forced providers to block access to any online casinos in Israel. But fans of gambling, sued the police and eventually won! Having managed to prove that the police directly violated the constitutional rights of an Israeli. And since then, in Israel, you can play on your favorite slots for days on end.

We use a virtual private server – VPS

One of the most reliable methods to bypass the blocking of any site, including online casinos. For you, it looks like a separate proxy server that you pay for yourself.
It is clear that most do not understand all the subtleties of technical documentation and setting up such a server, so contact technical support, where describe the tasks.
It is on it that you can install the client of any casino, for example, Vulkan or Fonbet, and play remotely. Do not forget to buy VPS only in those countries where it is allowed to play online casinos. This is in particular Spain, Germany, Iceland. The disadvantages of this method are the lack of anonymity, the provider will easily see where you go from this VPS server.


Anonymizer is one of the oldest methods of circumventing the blocking of any site. Nevertheless, it is still relevant now, because the use is extremely simple. After opening the anonymizer you like, in a large search field, enter the address of the casino you want to go to. After that, the necessary page will open in a new tab, having already changed your real IP address.
But this is actually where all the advantages of free anonymizers end. Firstly, you will immediately notice a very slow data transfer rate. After all, first the anonymizer processes the page on its server, then gives it to you, simultaneously showing a large amount of advertising.
In addition, many anonymizers incorrectly process Flash or JavaScript. Therefore, as a result, the casino will work crookedly or even “crash”. You will be transferring your personal data through an unknown server that belongs to no one, and all this happens without encryption. In particular, it threatens to lose the password from the account and, accordingly, money or deposit.

Browser Extension

Browser plugins are, in fact, advanced anonymizers. Yes, they have become a little more functional and work faster. They change your IP address to anonymous almost instantly, helping you to enter any casino. The configuration of such plugins for browsers is generally the same, you just need to find a suitable add-on and install it. Then activate it in one click and calmly go to any site.

How to log into a casino using a VPN

It is safest to bypass the blocking of Vulkan or Fonbet casinos using a virtual private network “VPN”. This means that you connect to a remote private network that can be created in any country in the world, and then you will enter the casino sites with the IP address of this network. Using special encryption algorithms, you will bypass the provider’s locks without problems. No one will see what you transmit or which sites you visit.

You can buy access to a VPN connection with the service in the region of $ 2.5 per month, this is if you resort to buying an annual package.
For example, our RocketVPN service provides anonymous access to Vulkan and Fonbet casinos – 24 hours a day, without loss of data transfer speed and personal data.

And due to the fact that there is “https encryption” for web traffic, it will not be possible to find out the information you transmit, not from the VPN service operator, not from the provider. This is the most reliable method of bypassing any locks.

And again Tor (The Onion Router)

We consider the Tor browser to be an alternative method of bypassing the blocking of online casinos. By running it on your computer, you activate the whole onion-proxy chain, and access the Internet through a virtual anonymous network. At the same time, all chains change frequently, so no one can track the full route, and it’s simply unrealistic to find out the end user or sender.
Tor is created by enthusiasts from all over the world, it has an open source code, this guarantees the absence of viruses and “hidden features” in the browser. But it is worth noting the rather slow speed of its operation, which is not very convenient for an online casino.

In this article, we tried to consider the current methods of bypassing the blocking of online casino sites. Which method you choose is up to you to decide based on your financial capabilities and personal preferences.